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Course Content

Please note that these lists are provisional and subject to change according to the availability of teaching staff

Introduction to the Ethics of AI, Data and Algorithms:

  •  The historical development of ADA and their relation to other disciplines and technologies, including algorithms and data in computer science and administration.
  •  Technological foundations and capabilities of current ADA technologies, including comparisons with the capabilities of human and non-human animals.
  • The relation between ADA technologies and pre-existing structures of oppression and injustice (e.g. racism, sexism, colonialism, ageism, etc).
  •  Core ethical challenges in current and near-future technologies (e.g. bias and fairness, opacity, accountability, autonomy, privacy).
  •  Foresight and mitigation of risks posed by potentially transformative future technologies.
  •  Design and technical approaches to creating ethical technology.
  •  Discourse of AI within culture and popular media.
  •  Current AI governance initiatives (principles, regulation, codes of practice, design codes).

Elective modules:

  • Technical and philosophical approaches to explainable AI
  • Can machines suffer?
  • The ethics and politics of algorithmic bias
  •  Scientific racism: past and future
  • Cross-cultural comparison of the ethics and discourse of AI
  •  The implications and implementation of the EU AI Act
  • Superintelligence: Will it happen and what would it mean?
  •  Value-sensitive design & critical design theory
  •  Autonomous weapons and international law
  • Ethical challenges of data & AI in healthcare