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Artificial Intelligence, Politics and Regulation: A Workshop

27 September 2018
Room 204, Alison Richard Building
Department of Politics and International Studies


10:00  Coffee (available throughout) 

Morning Chair: David Runciman 

10:15  Paper 1 – Sean Fleming 

Electronic Personhood and Robotic Agency 

11:30  Paper 2 – Jude Browne 

100 Years to Bliss? Artificial Intelligence and the Public Interest 

Lunch break 

Afternoon Chair: Jude Browne 

13:30  Paper 4 – Graham Denyer Willis 

Automation and Relational Rule 

14:45  Paper 5 – Lauren Wilcox 

Gender and Race as Regulation in AI Imaginaries 

16:00  Paper 6 – Sylvie Delacroix 

From Regulating the Intangible to Intangible Regulation: Beware of 'Algorithmic Regulation’ 

Attendance is open, RSVP appreciated 

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