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Kinds of Intelligence III

22 June 2020 - 25 June 2020

Kinds of Intelligence is an interdisciplinary annual conference aimed at developing our understanding of intelligence and other mental phenomena by bringing together experts from psychology, philosophy, artificial intelligence and comparative cognition. Kinds of Intelligence 3 will take place June 22-25 2020 at the Kaetsu Conference Centre, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge. 

The conference will explore the ways in which philosophy, psychology, AI and comparative cognition can inform and learn from one another, in order to develop more powerful frameworks for understanding the mind. For instance, how might a better understanding of biological intelligence contribute to the development of artificial intelligence? Should the interpretation of evidence about animal minds be informed by an understanding of artificial intelligence? Can the same psychological terms be meaningfully applied across these different domains and disciplines? As well as these general questions, sessions will address questions about more specific kinds of intelligence in this comparative context. For instance, what does it take for animals or artificial agents to communicate? Are there distinctive forms of emotional or moral intelligence - and are they available to animals and machines? This year’s conference will also present the results of the Animal AI Olympics.

Conference registration is available here