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Pioneers in Human-Computer Interaction: Distinguished Speaker Series. May: Don Norman

19 May 2021

From the inventor of the highlighted link to the first social scientist to join Microsoft Research, Leverhulme CFI's Imperial spoke will be hosting 5 Pioneers of Human-Computer Interaction.

Professor Rafael Calvo, Leverhulme CFI co-lead, will be chairing the "Imperial Design Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series" featuring five trailblazers who will share insights at the intersection of AI, design and human experience. Talks are free and online. Registration and details are listed below.

May: Don Norman
The Future of Design Education: A conversation with Don Norman
Inventor of the term “user-centred design”; author of over a dozen books in psychology and HCI, including the classic “The Design of Everyday Things”. Founder of Nielsen/Norman Group that changed the design industry; Winner of the Benjamin Franklin award for computer and cognitive science.
Wed 19 May - REGISTER