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UN and Cambridge workshop on AI for media and security professionals

6 February 2017 - 7 February 2017

From sensing, finance, medicine, transportation and security, a technological revolution is taking place. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a feature of science fiction for almost a century, but it is only in more recent years that the prospect of autonomous robotics and artificially intelligent systems has really become viable. While this will potentially provide great opportunities, these developments are likely to have significant impacts upon the very functioning of society, posing practical, ethical, legal and security challenges – much of which is as of yet not fully appreciated or understood. In order to deepen the understanding of both the risks and benefits associated with these technological advances, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) organizes a workshop in collaboration with and hosted by the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. The workshop is tailored for media and public information professionals, as well as other professionals, including those from the security field seeking to specialize in this increasingly relevant sector.

The media and other sources of public information in particular are central in ensuring that citizens and institutions have a realistic and balanced understanding of robotics and artificial intelligence. The media can contribute to shaping a culture of collective responsibility that will support the development and use of these technologies according to stringent values and principles.

This workshop, which will take place from 6-7 February 2017 at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, will seek to deepen knowledge of the risks and benefits associated with such technological advances across a broad range of potential applications, from day-to-day life and to conflict situations. Workshop participants will engage in a series of brainstorming sessions and practical exercises with renowned engineers, policy makers and academics including eminent professors of the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, expanding their professional network in a select, international environment.

The following issues will feature during the workshop:

  • Artificial intelligence and robotics 101: what is it and where are we now?
  • Ethics and artificial intelligence.
  • The cyber-security overlap.
  • The state of robotics and artificial intelligence journalism.
  • Emerging technologies: quantum computing.
  • Economic and social implications of robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • Long term issues of artificial intelligence and the future of humanity robotics.
  • Artificial Intelligence at the United Nations.
  • Renowned international experts in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics from the private sector, international organizations, academia and governments will lead the workshop.

Upon full completion of the course the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute will grant a Certificate of Participation.


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