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Adrian Weller appointed to the Board of the new Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

21 November 2018
We are delighted to announce that Leverhulme CFI Executive Fellow and Programme Director of the Trust and Transparency Project, Adrian Weller, has been appointed to the Board of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation.

The Centre has been established to ensure that the UK “leads the debate on how data-driven technologies are used for the maximum benefit of society”. It will do this by analyzing gaps in the governance landscape, establishing best practices to guide ethical and innovative uses of data, and advising the government on how to set policy to enable this. The Centre will be in charge of ensuring that the technologies and data are responsibly deployed to benefit UK businesses and society.
Adrian is an excellent choice for this board as he is a recognized expert in AI and data science and a leading thinker considering the ethics and societal impacts of these technologies. In addition to his roles at CFI, Adrian is a Senior Research Fellow in Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge and a Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute.

We congratulate Adrian and look forward to seeing the work of the Centre under the excellent leadership of this newly announced board.

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