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Leverhulme CFI Postdoc Karina Vold appointed as one of the first CanadaUK Fellows for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

25 September 2018

LCFI Postdoctoral Researcher Karina Vold was the recent winner of a prestigious Canada UK Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship focused on the development of postdoctoral researchers to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Canada UK Foundation was created to foster a greater understanding of Canada in the UK through education, with a recent broadening of its mission to create partnerships which link the academic and non-academic worlds, helping to facilitate the understanding of Canadian content and contribution across a wide range of subjects.

The Foundation's Postdoctoral Fellowship competition was created to promote the careers of young postdoctoral scientists by allowing them the opportunity to leverage unique country-specific areas of expertise through the building of international academic and industrial networks.

As a Canadian living and undertaking research in the UK, Karina is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the Fellowship and is committed to the achievement of the Foundation's goals and ambitions through the programme.

We wish Karina many congratulations and look forward to closer links between  LCFI and Canada.

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