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Audience of 12,000 attend AI Narratives workshop

The latest Global AI Narratives workshop attracted 70 participants on Zoom and a further 12,000+ viewers streaming live through the platform Bilibili. 

The workshop, entitled “AI Narratives in Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction” focused on portrayals of AI in Chinese science fiction and featured prominent scholars and well-known science fiction authors such as Hao Jingfang and Baoshu.

Global AI Narratives project lead, Dr Kanta Dihal, said, "Being forced to move our workshops online because of the pandemic has been an unexpected boon. Now people from all over the world are able to tune in to each workshop. It feels like we're building a truly global community of scholars, students and practitioners interested in the way we imagine life with intelligent machines."

The AI in Chinese science fiction workshop was the second in the Global AI Narratives China series. It followed a first successful workshop in August on the portrayal of non-human intelligences in Chinese classics, and a third workshop investigating Chinese public perceptions of AI is scheduled for 19 January. 

Other recent workshops in the Global AI Narratives project include a fascinating survey of Jewish narratives, the first in a virtual series about perceptions of AI in Central and Eastern Europe, organised with Charles University in Prague; as well as a three part series on perceptions of AI in Latin America in collaboration with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Upcoming Events

Global AI Narratives Workshops -  Chile
27 Nov + 4 Dec 2020 - The first two online events in a series of workshops on AI Narratives in Latin America will focus on AI at the Edges of Latin America.  Register or livestream. 

Global AI Narrative Workshops - South Africa
10 Dec 2020 - The first online event in a series of workshops on AI Narratives in Sub-Saharan Africa will focus on African Histories and Philosophies of AI and Related Technologies.  Details TBA.

Global AI Narrative Workshops - Central and Eastern Europe 
Jan 2021 - From Čapek to Lem: AI in Eastern European Science Fiction 

Global AI Narratives Workshop - China
18 Jan 2021 - “How the Chinese Public View AI”. Programme and registration to be announced soon. 

image credit: freepik

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