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Weller awarded prestigious Turing Fellowship for work on trustworthy AI

CFI Programme Director, Adrian Weller has been awarded one of 15 prestigious Turing AI Acceleration Fellowships to advance trustworthy AI.

The fellowships are supported by a £20million government investment, being delivered by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), to lead innovative and creative AI research with transformative impact.

Weller's area of AI expertise, Machine Learning, holds tremendous promise for benefiting humanity but also introduces serious risks, such as embedding bias or introducing brittleness in ways that are hard to see. It is therefore critical to advance work on how to build these systems to ensure they are trustworthy and beneficial.

Dr Weller will build solid technical underpinnings via new theory and practical algorithms for trustworthy deployment focusing on three key measures: fairness, interpretability and robustness.

The work will address criminal justice and healthcare: two domains with high stakes decisions, clear outcome goals, and wide-ranging impact. The measures will be grounded in specific settings and be informed by interdisciplinary experts and stakeholders, to ensure the work tackles the real-word conditions and tradeoffs that occur in context.

The use of Machine Learning in health and justice poses ethical concerns as well as great promise. Weller's work will help ensure that the use of AI leads to a fair and more effective judicial system, and enhanced health outcomes for all.

For more information, see the UKRI announcement
For further reading, see Dr Weller's article in the Telegraph.

image credit: iuriimotov 

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