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12 books to read about AI Ethics

Want to learn more about AI Ethics? These books provide a solid foundation for entry into the AI ethics conversation.

We often get requests for recommended reading on AI ethics, especially since the launch of the Master in AI Ethics and Society. As such, our Master’s programme team have compiled a list of books for anyone seeking to further their understanding of the field.  We present these recommendations below in alphabetical order (not ranked).

  1. Race after technology: Abolitionist tools for the new Jim code
    Ruha Benjamin - Polity
  2. AI: Its nature and future
    Margaret Boden - Oxford University Press
  3. AI ethics
    Mark Coeckelbergh - MIT Press
  4. The costs of connection – How data is colonizing human life and appropriating it for capitalism
    Nick Couldry & Ulises A. Mejias – Stanford University Press
  5. Design justice - Community-led practices to build the worlds we need
    Sasha Constanza-Chock – MIT Press
  6. Atlas of AI
    Kate Crawford - Yale University Press
  7. Data feminism
    Catherine D’Ignazio, & Lauren F. Klein - MIT Press
  8. Automating inequality: how high-tech tools profile, police, and punish the poor
    Virginia Eubanks - St. Martin’s Press
  9. AI superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the new world order
    Kai-Fu Lee - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  10. Human compatible: Artificial intelligence and the problem of control
    Stuart Russell – Penguin
  11. Army of none: Autonomous weapons and the future of war
    Paul Scharre - WW Norton & Company
  12. A citizen’s guide to artificial intelligence
    John Zerilli, et al. – MIT Press

Additional edited volumes

We also highly recommend these edited volumes as they're valuable compilations of multidisciplinary perspectives from leading thinkers in the field.

  1. The Oxford handbook of ethics of AI
    Dubber, M. D., Pasquale, F., & Das, S. - Oxford University Press
  2. Ethics of artificial intelligence
    Matthew S. Liao – Oxford University Press
  3. AI Narratives: A history of imaginative thinking about intelligent machines
    Stephen Cave, Kanta Dihal, & Sarah Dillon – Oxford University Press 

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