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Comment on the UK National AI Strategy

We welcome the UK Government’s new National AI Strategy. It places crucial issues — such as trustworthy AI, the representation of views from across society, and the need for increased diversity in AI development and deployment —at the heart of the UK’s approach. 

We are pleased to see a focus, both on pressing near-term issues, and on the longer-term opportunities and challenges of AI. Together with our colleagues at CFI, CSER, FHI, and elsewhere, we welcome the opportunity to support the Government in better understanding and mitigating potential risks associated with future AI developments.

We also support the UK’s focus on training the next generation of leaders in AI development and deployment through new AI masters courses, conversions courses, and doctoral training centres.

Equally important, however, is the need to develop a greater understanding of the ethical and societal impacts of AI amongst all those developing and using AI. CFI is pleased to be leading the way with the launch of its MSt in AI Ethics and Society, and we hope to see the Government support more such initiatives across the UK.

Stephen Cave, Executive Director, CFI
Sean O hEigeartaigh, Programme Director, AI:Futures and Responsibility at CFI, and Executive Director, CSER.

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