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Masters wins 'Best course in AI'

We are delighted to announce that our Master of Studies in AI Ethics and Society has won the 2022 CogX award for 'Best Course in AI'.

The CogX awards are the biggest AI awards in the UK. CogX also hosts the world’s largest annual gathering devoted to AI impact, the CogX Festival

According to the CogX website, "Now that AI is playing an increasingly vital role in every sector of industry, technical expertise is in high demand. Especially for the younger population, these skills become crucial. This award highlights the best tutorial or course in AI that targets this rapidly expanding need."

The award is part of a series for 'Outstanding achievements and Research' which recognise those who have contributed services with a passionate commitment to knowledge, society, culture, or innovation. Specifically, the 'Best Course in AI' award, which was granted to our Master of Studies in AI Ethics and Society, addresses the need to educate new generations of professionals to understand, address, and contribute to AI innovation and positive impact.

The award ceremony, was held in London on Monday, 14 March.  Our Course Co-lead, Jonnie Penn was present to accept the award on behalf of the Leverhulme CFI education team.

Applications close 31 March for the second cohort of the MSt which will commence in September this year.

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