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Human-AI Collaborative Dance

This month, LCFI will host a unique research event featuring live performance of human-AI collaborative creativity.

Diego Marín

Watch teaser video

In the upcoming event "Human+AI Collaborative Performance" three researchers pushing the boundaries at the intersection of technology and the arts will discuss (and perform) the results of deep collaborations between human and machine.  

Watch the teaser video of the event featuring highights from the AI-human hybrid choreography "Dancing Embryo" danced by Diego Marín. Diego who is a choreographer, director and dance anthropologist, (as well as currently a visitor at LCFI) will present his research and perform the results of an ongoing co-creation between him and an evolving AI dancer developed by Benedikte Wallace at the University of Oslo.

The event will also feature Professor Alan Blackwell of the Univeristy of Cambridge who will present recent research as part of his long-standing work on human-AI collaboration in music composition. This will be followed by interdisciplinary artist and researher, Lizzie Wilson of Queen Mary, University of London who wlil do a demonstration of live coding (a form of improvisational hybrid music composition) and present her work combining AI hybrid music and dance.

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