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LCFI Researcher to Supervise for the SAH Summer Research Internship Program

LCFI researcher Dr Rune Nyrup is joining The School of Arts, and Humanities paid Summer Research Internship program as one of the possible supervisors. The opportunity is open for current undergraduates at a UK or Irish university who are considering pursuing a master’s degree and who meet one or more widening participation criteria.

The successful candidate(s) will join us at LCFI full-time for 6 weeks for a paid research internship from the 3rd of July.

To make an application with Rune supervising, you should identify an ethical question regarding AI, data or algorithms that you would like to explore during the internship. Make sure you answer the following questions:

  • Which technology are you interested in?
  •  What ethical problem (or potential for benefit) does this technology raise?
  • Are there proposals for solving this problem (or realising the benefit)?
  • Is there a specific book or theoretical framework you’d be interested in applying?

It’s helpful to point to one or more concrete examples you know of, for example, from your previous studies, news stories or your own experience.

More information about the scheme is available here, and more information about the particulars is here!

Application deadline: 9am, Tuesday 2 May 2023 

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