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Anna Odynets

Visiting Scholar 7 Nov 2022- Oct 2023


Anna is a visiting postgraduate research student under Ukrainian Academic Support Scheme that was launched for academics who have been displaced and are seeking sanctuary as a result of Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Before joining LCFI, Anna received a Ph.D. in practical philosophy at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In her thesis, titled «The Philosophical conceptualization of a technological form of life» Anna researches transdisciplinary problems of responsible tech connected to artificial intelligence, artificial body, artificial emotions and consciousness, the possibility of involving non-human being in social environment on the basis of systemic complex thinking, involving the achievements of various disciplines such as phenomenology, psychology, cognitive sciences, robotics, neurophysiology and other directions of modern philosophical thought. The main question during this research is: how can a non-threatening artificial being exist?

Anna participated in numerous international conferences with these publications, has articles published in professional journals, a chapter in a collective monograph, also she took part in Ukrainian TV shows as a guest expert, gave an interview to an online journal about a new philosophical concept called “mediabulemia” which was proposed by her.

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