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Audrey Borowski

Associate Fellow


Dr Audrey Borowski is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Science and Thought in Bonn and an Associate Member of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence in Cambridge. She was a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy as well as a research associate at the University of Oxford. She completed her doctorate (D.Phil) in the History of Ideas at the University of Oxford. 

Audrey’s research background lies at the intersection of philosophy, history and science and in the last few years she started working more closely on the philosophical history and philosophy of computing and AI. Audrey works on various projects pertaining to the philosophy of algorithms, the philosopher Hans Blumenberg, Myth and AI, as well as the analog and the digital. Her main project is entitled Philosophers of the Digital Age: A Philosophical History of Computing and AI from Leibniz to the Present.

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