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Dvija Mehta

Visiting Student


Dvija Mehta is a Philosophy Master’s student visiting from the University of Glasgow and has written her dissertation in the subject area of Phenomenal Consciousness in humans and artificial intelligence. She is interested in the future of cognitive AI systems along with the philosophy of consciousness. At the LCFI, she will work closely with Henry Shevlin in projects involving not only consciousness and the future of intelligence but also areas of creativity in AI systems.

In addition to this, having a bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance has enabled her to take an analytic approach to the current philosophy of consciousness and intelligence; and being a poet has directed her towards the discussion of creativity in artificial systems. 

Her research interests cover areas of consciousness in AI, artificial neural networks, animals, and humans. She has also dwelled into the conversation of phenomenal consciousness along with self-awareness and access-consciousness. Her recent work contributes to the existing notion of simulating neural networks in artificial systems to arrive at an answer for phenomenal consciousness. She aims to take forward the conversation of consciousness in both humans and AI.

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