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Eleanor Drage

Senior Research Fellow | Student Advisor (MSt)


Dr Drage is a Senior Research Fellow on the €3.8m Desirable Digitalisation project, for which she is creating playbooks, games and tools to help AI ethics designers and project managers be responsive to AI Ethics. She is also helping companies across Europe respond to the EU AI act. Her other research investigates how AI relates to structural inequality, including systems of race and gender. Her work on AI-powered hiring tools has been published in Philosophy & Technology and covered by media outlets like the BBCForbes, and international news outlets. As part of this project, Eleanor led a team of computer science students in developing a tool that demonstrates the problematic logics behind AI-powered tools that claim to debias hiring by detecting a candidate's personality from a video interview. 

Dr Drage is the co-host of The Good Robot Podcast, where she interviews top scholars and technologists about AI ethics, has appeared on popular shows such as The Guilty Feminist, and is a TikToker for Carole Cadwalladr's All The Citizens' data rights channel. She is the co-editor of the forthcoming edited collections Feminist AI with Oxford University Press and The Good Robot: Why Technologies of the Future Need Feminism with Bloomsbury Academic. Her other projects can be found at She has presented findings to a range of audiences including the United Nations, NatWest, The Open Data Institute (ODI), the AI World Congress and the Institute of Science & Technology. 

She was previously a Christina Gaw Research Associate on the Gender and Technology Research Project, where she helped resolve AI ethics issues at a major technology multinational using feminist and anti-racist theory. She holds an International Dual PhD from the University of Bologna at the University of Granada, where she was an Early-Stage Researcher for the EU Horizon 2020 ETN-ITN-Marie Curie project “GRACE” (Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe). As part of this project Eleanor helped develop a software application that transmitted intersectional feminist ideas and methodologies to the general public. She began her career in financial technology and continues to collaborate with tech companies to improve commercial AI applications.

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