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Konstantinos Voudouris

Student Fellow


Konstantinos Voudouris is a part-time research assistant in the Kinds of Intelligence programme. He works on 'The Major Transitions in the Evolution of Cognition' project, building models of cognition and how it evolved using the Animal-AI Environment. He also works on methodological questions surrounding the study of biological and artificial cognition.

Additionally, Konstantinos is a third-year PhD student in Psychology and History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge. He focuses on building the conceptual and methodological framework for evaluating the cognitive capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, drawing on philosophy, psychology, and computer science. His work has sought to clarify how we should conduct behavioural experiments on reinforcement learning agents, to better understand what they are capable of and to identify key failure modes. During his PhD he has worked closely with the Animal-AI team and the RECoG-AI team.

Konstantinos holds an MPhil in Biological Sciences (Psychology) and an MA in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics from the University of Cambridge.

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