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Maya Indira Ganesh

MSt Co-leader | Senior Research Fellow


Dr. (des) Maya Indira Ganesh is Course Co-leader (MSt) of the Master of AI Ethics and Society programme at CFI. She is a media and digital cultures theorist, researcher, and writer who has worked with arts and cultural organisations, academia, and NGOs. She earned a Drphil in Cultural Sciences from Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany in 2022. Her doctoral work examined the re-shaping of what we mean by the ‘ethical’ and the shifting role of the human in the emergence of the driverless car. Maya’s dissertation investigates what initiatives for governance of such a complex technology implies for human social relations, spaces, and bodies.

Prior to academic work Maya spent 15 years working at the intersection of gender justice, digital security and data privacy, and digital freedom of expression in a variety of global regions. Hence her work has consistently brought questions of power, justice, and global inequality to those of the body, the digital, and knowledge. She continues to be associated with feminist movements in Asia, and works with arts and cultural organisations in Germany.

A full list of her writing, projects, and networks. can be found here.

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