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Nomisha Kurian

Student Fellow


Nomisha is a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Education, currently researching how human-centred design can produce empathy-driven technology. She specialises in child wellbeing and inclusion and spoke at the 2022 UNESCO AI and Education Forum about the role of Socially Assistive Robots in supporting child-victims of bullying. She recently became the first Education researcher to win the Cambridge Applied Research Award for social impact, after working with 286 low-income pupils across the UK to widen participation in higher education. Previously, as a Yale University Henry Fellow, she used international human rights law to research at-risk learners. Her work has most recently been published in the Oxford Review of Education, the British Educational Research Journal, and the Journal of Pastoral Care in Education. She co-chairs the Cambridge University Wellbeing and Inclusion Special Interest Group and previously co-chaired the Cambridge Peace and Education Research Group.

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