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Sofie Shannon Vlaad

Visiting Student


Sofie Vlaad is a PhD candidate in the department of Philosophy at Queen’s University, Canada and a SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholar. Her dissertation research explores whether AI generated images can be considered art, to whom we might attribute authorship in such cases, and whether such images can be considered creative.

At CFI, Sofie will be working on explaining creativity in the case of AI. If AI can produce creative outputs, is it the model itself that is being creative? If so, then how can we understand creativity as a process in the absence of intentional agency? This project will greatly benefit from the insight of the Creative Intelligence Project at CFI.

Sofie’s scholarship has been published in PhiloSOPHIA and Big Data and Society, and her creative work appears in WordCity Literary Journal and Augur Magazine. In addition to being an academic philosopher with interests in AI and aesthetics, Sofie is a practicing artist and poet exploring generative AI as a tool for creating experimental art.

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