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AI: Futures and Responsibility

Understanding how the long-term development of AI can be demonstrably safe and maximally beneficial to humanity.


AI:FAR focuses on understanding future trajectories in AI progress; how AI might impact society in particularly profound and long-lasting ways; and how AI can be guided and governed. We examine specific impact and risk scenarios, such as the role of AI in contexts ranging from scientific progress, to security, to critical systems such as global agriculture. We also study the roles of principles, norms and soft and hard forms of governance in shaping the trajectory of AI. Lastly, we take an exploratory and participatory approach to AI futures, drawing on the expertise of affected communities, technology developers, domain experts and civil society.
AI:FAR is a collaboration between CFI and the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. 
Our work falls at the intersection of three themes:
Futures and foresight
Governance, ethics and responsible innovation 
Safety, Security and risk

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