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AI and Gender

This project aims to investigate the relationship between gender and artificial intelligence, and examine the ethical and social consequences of that relationship. The project has identified four interrelated factors which define this relationship and which constitute the project’s field of enquiry: lack of diversity in the researcher population feeds into data and algorithmic bias, which consolidates and perpetuates the social injustice which has already compromised the human data from which AI systems learn to make decisions. Lack of diversity, bias and social injustice therefore compound and exacerbate each other. In addition, social injustice determines the types of narratives constructed around AI, which themselves then influence the types of people who proceed to AI research and the way in which AI is perceived by different groups. This project will bring social science and humanities research methodologies to this complex research field in order to produce a strong evidence-base. On the basis of this evidence, the project will identify and inform effective interventions to encourage the development of AI in ethical ways that are beneficial for all.

AI and Gender - Four ProposalS for Future Research

The Technology, Gender and Intersectionality Research Project, generously funded by Christina Gaw

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