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AI and Gender: Four Proposals for Future Research

Report by Clementine Collett, Sarah Dillon

AI and Gender: Four Proposals for Future Research

This report outlines four of the weightiest challenges to gender equality presented by recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI). In tandem, it outlines four research proposals which would effectively tackle these issues. These four research proposals are the direct result of the ‘AI and Gender’ workshop held by the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence on 20th February 2019. This was convened with the Ada Lovelace Institute, and supported by PwC.

In particular, this report draws on the final activity of the day, the collective intelligence activity. During this activity, participants were invited to identify areas and methods for future research. The report develops and augments the ideas shared during this exercise by drawing on content from the workshop presentations, questions, and discussions, as well as from a broad range of wider literature and research.


A video recording of the launch of the report at CogX 2019 can be seen here.

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