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AI Narratives: A History of imaginative Thinking about Intelligent Machines

Edited Volume by Stephen Cave, Kanta Dihal, Sarah Dillon

AI Narratives: A History of imaginative Thinking about Intelligent Machines

1: Homer's Intelligent Machines: AI in Antiquity, Genevieve Liveley and Sam Thomas
2: Demons and Devices: Artificial and Augmented Intelligence before AI, E. R. Truitt
3: The Android of Albertus Magnus: A Legend of Artificial Being, Minsoo Kang and Ben Halliburton
4: Artificial Slaves in the Renaissance and the Dangers of Independent Innovation, Kevin LaGrandeur
5: Making the Machine Speak: Hearing Artificial Voices in the Eighteenth Century, Julie Park
6: Victorian Fictions of Computational Creativity, Megan Ward
7: Machines Like Us? Modernism and the Question of the Robot, Paul March-Russell

8: Enslaved Minds: Artificial Intelligence, Slavery, and Revolt, Kanta Dihal
9: Machine Visions: Artificial Intelligence, Society, and Control, Will Slocombe
10: Graham Matthews
11: Artificial Intelligence and the Parent/Child Narrative, Beth Singler
12: AI and Cyberpunk Networks, Anna McFarlane
13: AI: Artificial Immortality and Narratives of Mind-Uploading, Stephen Cave
14: Artificial Intelligence and the Sovereign-Governance Game, Sarah Dillon and Michael Dillon
15: The Measure of a Woman: Fembots, Fact and Fiction, Kate Devlin and Olivia Belton
16: The Fall and Rise of AI: Investigating AI Narratives with Computational Methods, Gabriel Recchia

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