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Academic Journal article by Toshie Takahashi

Artificial Intelligence/Robots and Social Impacts: Is Human First Innovation Wishful Thinking? Journal of Information Systems Society of Japan, Vol.14, No.2. (2019) in Japanese

The aim of this paper is to understand the social impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots both theoretically and empirically. Firstly, I introduce the theoretical framework I have developed for a deeper understanding of the social impact of AI and robots. Secondly, in order to address the differences between Western and Japanese perceptions and engagement with AI and robots, I demonstrate AI narratives within Japanese historical and social contexts since the 1920s. This work is done in collaboration with the Global AI Narratives project at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge. Thirdly, I investigate Japanese engagement with AI and robots using the results of both qualitative and quantitative research. I introduce my two on-going projects, firstly “Youth and AI” project and secondly “Robots Engagement” project. Finally, I give some suggestions which I call “Human First Innovation” regarding the future of this field. I hope this study will help to create a better AI society together beyond techno-orientalism within the dichotomy between the West and the Rest.

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