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The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Views from History

Video Recording by Sarah Dillon, Margaret Boden, Murray Shanahan, Simon Schaffer, Nathan Ensmenger, Pamela McCorduck

The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Views from History (29 November 2018)

Video recording of panel discussion before a public audience at the Babbage Lecture Theatre, University of Cambridge.

Panel Members: Sarah Dillon (Chair)
Simon Schaffer (University of Cambridge)
Murray Shanahan (DeepMind, Imperial)
Margaret A. Boden  (University of Sussex)
Nathan Ensmenger (Indiana University)
Pamela McCorduck (author of Machines Who Think, an authoritative history of AI)

This event commemorated the 60th anniversary of the landmark 1958 Mechanisation of Thought Conference held in Teddington, England; an event that served to establish artificial intelligence as a standalone field in the UK.

Download Video Recording