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Knowledge Creation and its Risks - David Deutsch on AGI

Video Recording by David Deutsch, Clifford Siskin

Knowledge Creation and AI - David Deutsch on AGI

Clifford Siskin introduced David Deutsch's remote talk via Skype from the University of Oxford.

Points discussed included:
• AGI is inevitable but very hard and there's no sign of its being imminent.
• Progress in AI is not progress in AGI.
• Qua computer program, AI is the opposite of AGI.
• AGIs are people.
• Trying to shackle an AGI's thinking is slavery.

David Deutsch is Visiting Professor of physics at the Centre for Quantum Computation, the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University and an Honorary Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford. He works on fundamental issues in physics, particularly the quantum theory of computation and information, and constructor theory.

This event was part of the Discussion Series : AI in the History of Knowledge. Sponsored by the Re:Enlightenment Project and the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, organised by Professor Clifford Siskin (Visiting Fellow, LCFI) and held at Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

Download Video Recording