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The Margaret Boden Lecture 2019: Professor Daniel Dennett

Video Recording by Daniel Dennett

The Margaret Boden Lecture 2019: Smart Machines and a Reverse Turing Test. Speaker: Professor Daniel Dennett (Tufts University)

Date: Tuesday 18 June 2019
Venue: Babbage Lecture Theatre, Cambridge

Is the goal of AI to create smart machines or artificial colleagues? The distinction is of great importance, but the grounds for drawing it have been confused by forces that distort our imagination. Several sources of misdirection are innocently hidden in Alan Turing’s initial description of the Imitation Game, now known as the Turing Test. Once these confusions are exposed, we can explore steps that might maintain bright lines between tools, tool-makers, and tool-users, as part of the policy innovations required to preserve the integrity of inquiry.

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