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Report by Jonnie Penn, John Lisney, Gonçalves Gil Manuel

The Pineapple Report: Youth in Europe Face the Fourth Industrial Revolution, European Youth Forum (2019)

The Pineapple Report surveys proposals for how young people in Europe can flourish in the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution. In emoji,a pineapple means, “It’s complicated”. The icon evokes a reminder that certain opportunities, like this one, require a holistic rather than reductive plan of action. Since the term ‘digital native’ is true for only a select, privileged few, political leaders must reverse the debilitating impact of sustained political, economic, and social marginalisation. Austerity, the individualisation of work, predatory consumerism, and infantilisation must be replaced with access to education, progressive consumer, labour, and environmental protections, and respect. In short, a holistic pineapple change is needed.

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