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Toward Trustworthy AI Development: Mechanisms for Supporting Verifiable Claims

Report by Miles Brundage, Shahar Avin, Jasmine Wang, Haydn Belfield, Gretchen Krueger

Toward Trustworthy AI Development: Mechanisms for Supporting Verifiable Claims. arXiv:2004.07213 

With the recent wave of progress in artificial intelligence (AI) has come a growing awareness of the large-scale impacts of AI systems, and recognition that existing regulations and norms in industry and academia are insufficient to ensure responsible AI development. In order for AI developers to earn trust from system users, customers, civil society, governments, and other stakeholders that they are building AI responsibly, they will need to make verifiable claims to which they can be held accountable. Those outside of a given organization also need effective means of scrutinizing such claims. This report suggests various steps that different stakeholders can take to improve the verifiability of claims made about AI systems and their associated development processes, with a focus on providing evidence about the safety, security, fairness, and privacy protection of AI systems. We analyze ten mechanisms for this purpose--spanning institutions, software, and hardware--and make recommendations aimed at implementing, exploring, or improving those mechanisms.

NB: The report also lists authors who contributed substantive ideas and/or work to this report. Contributions include writing, research, and/or review for one or more sections; some authors also contributed content via participation in an April 2019 workshop and/or via ongoing discussions. As such, with the exception of the primary/corresponding authors, inclusion as author does not imply endorsement of all aspects of the report. CFI staff in this category include Adrian Weller. Miles Brundage (, Shahar Avin (, Jasmine Wang (,Haydn Belfield (, and Gretchen Krueger ( contributed equally and are corresponding authors. Other authors are listed roughly in order of contribution.

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