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Davide Serpico

Visiting Scholar, February - April 2020


Davide Serpico was awarded a PhD in Philosophy in 2018 at the Northwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium with a thesis on the psychology and biology of human intelligence from a philosophical perspective. During his PhD, he was Visiting PhD Student at Egenis (The Centre for the Study of Life Science, University of Exeter) and at the Department of Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Hayama, Japan).
After being awarded his PhD, he was Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science (University of Leeds) and was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Department of Classics, Philosophy and History (University of Genoa, Italy).
His research interests include philosophy of cognitive science and the history and philosophy of biology, especially the study of human behaviours such as cognitive abilities and mental disorders.
At the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, he is undertaking a project on the generality of intelligence in humans, animals, and artificial systems.

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