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José Hernández-Orallo

Visiting Scholar


José Hernández-Orallo is Professor at the Technical University of Valencia, on sabbatical leave at the CFI and Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge. He received a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Computer Science from UPV, partly completed at the École Nationale Supérieure de l'Électronique et de ses Applications, and a Ph.D. in Logic and Philosophy of Science with a doctoral extraordinary prize from the Universitat de València. His academic and research activities have spanned several areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and cognitive science. He has published five books and about two hundred journal articles and conference papers on these topics. His research in the area of machine intelligence evaluation has been covered by The Economist, New Scientist, BBC News or Nature. His most recent book "The Measure of All Minds" addresses an integrated view of the evaluation of natural and artificial intelligence (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

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