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Kenneth Shinozuka

Visiting Student, July/August 2019


Kenneth Shinozuka, 20, is a rising senior at Harvard College, where he is studying computational neuroscience and researching the pathology of Alzheimer’s. At the age of 15, he invented SafeWander, a wearable sensor that prevents falls among the elderly. Now, he aspires to study consciousness from an interdisciplinary perspective, integrating neuroscience, philosophy, physics, and spirituality. He blogs about consciousness on, and he recently co-founded the Harvard Undergraduate Science of Psychedelics Club, which is dedicated to a philosophically motivated and scientifically rigorous study of psychedelics and, more broadly, consciousness.

Earlier in summer 2019, he interned at the Qualia Research Institute, where he conducted theoretical research on the relationship between consciousness and time. Kenneth worked with the Kinds of Intelligence team during his visiting studentship at LCFI which was during July and August 2019.

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