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Zoe Cremer

Visiting Student, September 2018-October 2019


Carla Zoe received a grant by the Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, to work on a research project at CFI’s Kinds of Intelligence programme. Her research aims to explicate the relevance of cognitive models in machine learning and neurobiology, from the perspective of AI risk. She completed an undergraduate in biological sciences and experimental psychology with focus on neuroscience at ETH Zurich, the University of Bristol and the Ludwig Maximilan University of Munich (2014-2018). Zoe received the award Lehre@LMU for her undergraduate neurobiology research project in a laboratory for neural plasticity, and thereafter completed a thesis in data analysis and machine learning at the Zurich's Institute of Neuroinformatics (INI). She is a Max Weber scholarship recipient, awarded for academic excellence by Bavaria. Zoe has presented philosophical work on AI control at the conference series Decision&AI, participated at the International Rationality Summer School 2018 and founded the Zurich AI Alignment Reading Club as well as Effective Altruism Munich.

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