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Kinds of Intelligence 2: Machine Minds - Conference

19 June 2019 - 21 June 2019

Kinds of Intelligence 2: Machine Minds will take place June 19th-21st at Newnham College in Cambridge (UK).

For more information and the conference programme please see: 

Kinds of Intelligence  

KoI2:MM is an interdisciplinary conference exploring issues related to our understanding of intelligence and minds in the age of AI. The conference is split into three themes across the three days and preceded on June 18th by the annual Margaret Boden lecture, this year given by Daniel Dennett.

Conference Topics

Day 1: Artificial consciousness in the age of deep learning
Is it possible to create machine consciousness? If so, should we, and how can this be regulated? How will we know if or when we have artificial consciousness?
How does deep learning allow us to approach or understand consciousness differently?

Day 2: Generality and intelligence in animals and AI
What is generality and could machines have it? What are the trade-offs between generality and performance in animals and machines? How can the common-sense knowledge of animals be encoded for use with AI? Does it need to be?

Day 3: Artificial Intelligence and intelligence augmentation
How will our understanding of minds change as they become more integrated with machines? How are AI techniques used for cognitive enhancements now and in the near future? How do we best navigate the benefits and risks associated with augmented intelligence?

Confirmed Speakers (more to follow)

Day 1
Professor Thomas Metzinger (Gutenberg Research College)
Professor Eva Jablonka (Tel Aviv University)  
Professor Raymond Tallis (Emeritus Professor University of Manchester)
Professor Anil Seth (Sussex University)
Professor Claire Sergent (Uni­ver­sité Paris Descartes) 

Day 2
Dr Amanda Seed (St Andrews University)
Dr Elizabetta Versace (Queen Mary)
Dr Cameron Buckner (University of Houston)
Dr Shakir Mohamed (DeepMind)
Professor Brian Cantwell Smith (University of Toronto)&nbsp

Day 3
Dr Anders Sandberg (University of Oxford)  
Dr Thomas Bohné (University of Cambridge)
Professor Tamar Makin (University of Oxford) 
Dr Marcello Ienca (ETH Zurich)
Professor Barbara Sahakian (University of Cambridge)

For more information see: 

Kinds of Intelligence  

Kinds of Intelligence: Complete Call for Papers

We can now offer up to £150 towards travel costs for anyone selected to speak at Kinds of Intelligence 2: Machine Minds through the call for papers. Deadline 15 March 2019.

Details of last years conference can be found at Varieties of Mind