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Karina Vold - prizewinner in the APA 2019 Public Philosophy Op-Ed Contest

Karina Vold, PDRA specialising in the philosophy of mind and cognition, is one of the five prize winners of the 2019 Public Philosophy Op-Ed Contest, for her Aeon article Are ‘you’ just inside your skin or is your smartphone part of you?

The American Philosophical Association (APA) committee on public philosophy sponsors a contest for the best opinion-editorials published by philosophers. The goal is to honour up to five standout pieces that successfully blend philosophical argumentation with an op-ed writing style. Winning submissions call public attention, either directly or indirectly, to the value of philosophical thinking. The pieces are judged in terms of their success as examples of public philosophy, and areaccessible to the general public, focused on important topics of public concern, and characterized by sound reasoning.  

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